Joy Wing Mau and China Eastern Air Logistics assist the China-Chile cherries trade

On January 4th, Beijing time, the refrigerated cargo ship Regal Bay, loaded with more than 4,300 tons of cherries, arrived at Shanghai Nangang Port successfully. This batch of cherries was the first time in the fruit industry that the entire ship has been refrigerated and transported to China in the mode of independent chartering by […]

Joy Wing Mau celebrates first arrival of Chilean cherries by air

In the early morning of November 24, a flight full of Joyvio cherries arrived at Chengdu International Airport. This is the first batch of several independent charter flights to arrive in China at the start of this new Chilean cherry season. It is also the first batch of co-branded fruit gift boxes, an initiative jointly […]

Joy Wing Mau pushes Zhou Durian to be listed in China

The Thai, liquid nitrogen, tree-ripe durian – the Zhou Durian – is now on the market. On August 19, the Zhou Durian Listing Conference 2022 was launched in Jiaxing and Shanghai, and Joy Wing Mau Fruit Industry Technology Group, a leading enterprise in China’s fruit and vegetable industry, joined hands with two major partners of Jiaxing Haiguangxing […]

JWM supports Chinese women’s volleyball team

Ahead of Tokyo Olympic Games this year, a short film about Joyvio durian, starring the Chinese Women’s Volleyball Coach Lang Ping, an idol of several generations in China, and her daughter Bai Lang, was released in major Chinese cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. The film, which coincided with the beginning of Thailand’s durian […]