Corporate Responsibility

Place of Mercy Pre-school

Corporate Responsibility Case Study

Pre-school children from Valencia are enjoying the two ‘Place of Mercy’ Grade R and pre-grade R classrooms, storage, ablution and kitchen facilities, thanks to funding partnership management by the Capespan Foundation. Valencia is a rural residential township located at Addo in the Eastern Cape Province’s Sundays River Valley.

Most of the township’s residents work on citrus farms, which are supplying fruit to JWM Asia for export programmes. Two NGO’s, Marist Brothers and Mercy Care have established the ‘Place of Hope’ initiative a number of years ago. With the help of local community volunteers they serve meals to more than 300 needy people twice a week, and initially also started providing educational day-care services to at least 45 children.

A refurbished shipping container donated by a Dutch couple, fitted with a portico, originally housed this initiative for a few years, but it did not provide suitable shelter against the inclement weather of the region.

Place of Hope has been identified and endorsed as a Blue Hand™ project during 2010 and the Capespan Foundation and Hong Kong based JWM Asia provided the funding to construct the first phase of the pre-school aptly named, ‘Place of Mercy’. The second phase, another 80m2 classroom, accommodates the pre-grade R children and has been completed before the onset of Winter 2013, while the third 80m2 classroom has been  added during 2016, to accommodate the 4-5year old age group. Some 145 pre-school children are now attending the Place of Mercy pre-school where the programme are taught by qualified local teaching-staff and assisted by a number of parent volunteers, all mentored by the Sisters of Mercy.

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