Joyvio Blueberries, top blueberry brand of
Joy Wing Mau Group.

Joyvio Blueberry
Joyvio Blueberries,top blueberry brand of Joy Wing Mau Group. Through the core strategy of “End to End Operations, Whole Chain Traceability, Global Operations”, Joyvio Blueberries control the whole chain of breeding, planting, picking, processing and QC, in order to provide safe and quality blueberries for consumers and elevate people’s living quality.


According to records in Biographies of Ming Scholars, when the renowned doctor Li Shi Zhen was young, he had problems with his eyes, occasionally experiencing cloudiness and unclear vision. When retrieving medicine at the apothecary, he serendipitously discovered a blue berry that had miraculous effects on his eyes. He ate it often and had great vision and hearing when he got older. The Compendium of MateriaMedica has records of a medicine that aids the eyes, which has been passed onto the present day.
During World War 2, British Royal Air Force officers were given food with blueberry jam before night missions. Research has shown that blueberries can enhance visual acuity and night vision. This is extremely useful for pilots, for whom vision requirements are extremely high.


In order to provide consumers with safe and high quality blueberries, Joyvio Blueberries own the entire process – from selection of varietals and farm management to harvesting, cold chain logistics and a comprehensive sales and marketing network.


Joyvio Blueberries have established operations in superior growing regions all over the world. At the same time, we are bringing in best practices and management methods from leaders in the agriculture and food industries, so as to establish Joyvio as the leading brand in China’s modern agribusiness.


Joyvio Blueberries ’s whole chain traceability system tracks our food from field to table. Every step of our quality management system has standardized protocols and links back to a responsible person. Each step is carefully recorded to guarantee product safety.