Joyvio, premier brand of
of Joy Wing Mau Group.

Joyvio is a leading brand of the Joy Wing Mau Group, committed to providing consumers with high-quality produce from around the world. Our core strategy of “End to End Operations, Whole Chain Traceability and Global Operations” enables us to control the entire process, from selecting the best varieties to managing farms, harvesting, cold chain logistics, and sales and marketing. By bringing in the best practices and management methods from leaders in the agriculture and food industries, we have established ourselves as a leading brand in Asia. We have operations in superior growing regions worldwide, allowing us to deliver safe and high-quality produce to our customers. Our whole chain traceability system ensures that every step of our quality management system has standardised protocols and links back to a responsible person. We meticulously record each step to guarantee product safety and trace our food from field to table. At Joyvio, we are committed to providing consumers with the best possible products. By prioritising quality and safety at every step of the process, we are proud to be a trusted brand in the food industry.


As the premium blueberry brand of the Joy Wing Mau Group , Joyvio blueberries sets the benchmark for the global blueberry industry with its leadership in procurement excellence , having an integrated supply chain system coupled with exceptional quality control standards ensuring our customers enjoy delicious and fresh blueberries 52 weeks of the year.


As the premium durian brand of JWM Group, Joyvio Durian is grown with utmost care in the core production region of Thailand. It is sorted on a case-by-case basis by senior fruit pickers and transported with temperature and humidity control. We take pride in using the unique “Gold Stem” as the brand mark for Joyvio Durian, and our goal is to provide the best possible durians to our customers.


As the leading brand of JWM Group, Joyvio Coconuts are cultivated with utmost care and attention to detail. We are dedicated to providing the best quality coconuts to our customers, which is why every step of our production process is executed with precision and care. Our coconuts are carefully selected and sorted by experienced professionals who have a discerning eye for quality. They are transported with temperature control to ensure that they reach our customers in the freshest condition possible. At Joyvio,we take pride in the quality of our coconuts, and we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible product. That’s why we use only the finest coconuts for our brand, and our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations every time. Whether you’re using our coconuts for cooking, drinking, or simply enjoying their delicious flavour, we guarantee that you won’t find a better quality coconut anywhere else.


Joyvio is our premium brand that delivers high-quality Chilean cherries, sold in a dual brand partnership with China Aerospace. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our slogan, “Astronomy Quality Awakens a Better Life,” and our gift box represents our dedication to providing you with the best possible product. Experience the leading freshness of Joyvio cherries today.