Joy Wing Mau Group at a glance

Assets over
USD 500 million
Vector (1)
4,000+ employees
Asset 6
40+ distribution centers in
China covering 80 cities
Vector (2)
Servicing 7,000+ retail stores & 20,000+ fruit stores
Union (4)
20+ modernized processing (packing) centers servicing 1.2M individual farmers
Turnover exceeding
USD 1 billion
Union (1)
based in Shenzhen
Union (2)
Distributing 1,200+ tons of high-quality fresh fruits to over 10 million customers per day
Union (3)
2700+ Hectares of own farms (mainly blueberry & kiwi), as well as 50 demonstration farms

JWMAsia Holdings Background

Metcorp was established in 1989, the business was a family business specialising in sourcing products from China as well as representing various international food and beverage companies with distribution in the Asian markets.
In 1996 the business started to solely concentrate in the fresh produce sector with the eventual formation of Metspan, a joint venture with Capespan South Africa
In 2017 the Joy Wing Mau group acquired a majority stake in the company with the business renamed as JWM Asia Holdings Limited


The JWM Asia Group is an Asian-based trading and marketing entity that was established in 2017. It has global offices located in Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, and affiliate offices in Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Chile.

We provide our supply partners with a comprehensive Asia Supply Chain Solution, supported by strategic investments across multiple Asian markets. Our expertise lies in managing diverse product varieties and grades, ensuring they are directed to the appropriate market sectors at the right price points.

Our trading and marketing offices span across 13 Asian countries.

We offer various selling platforms, including retail, wholesale, food service, and online, ensuring a consistent supply of products to our customers throughout the year with programmed replenishment. This service operates year round. 

We have accumulated extensive expertise in marketing, brand building, shelf space management, value-added service provisions, and active selling across Asia. With an established procurement infrastructure and teams on the ground, we can align our strategies across Asia, promoting the cross-fertilization of best practices in a holistic approach.

At all times, we strive to maintain transparent and effective communication with all stakeholders.