Global Procurement

Hong Kong

JWM Asia Hong Kong serves as the regional head office, coordinating global procurement for all the key retail and wholesale distribution markets in our Asian market platform, it also serves as our financial and administrative head office.
JWM Global procurement (South Africa)

South Africa

JWM Asia South Africa plays a vital role in sourcing fresh produce from South Africa and Namibia, specifically in the key production areas of the Western Cape, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape, and Limpopo region. Our dedicated team ensures that branding and packing are carried out according to clients’ requests and market specifications. We prioritize due diligence to guarantee product safety, security, and quality assurance. Our efficient in-house management, in collaboration with logistics partners, handle all aspects of logistics and documentation. When it comes to shipping, we utilize the major container ports in South Africa, including the Port of Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, and Durban Port.


JWM Chile is committed to sourcing fresh produce from across South America, with a significant portion originating from Chile and Peru. To uphold our commitment to quality, our dedicated team conducts regular visits to growers for planning and quality check purposes. This ensures that we pack produce according to the precise specifications required by each of our customers. By maintaining this rigorous approach throughout the supply chain, we consistently deliver a high standard of quality produce. Our focus on meeting our customers’ specific needs allows us to provide them with fresh produce that exceeds their expectations.

Global Procurement Regions