Currently, New Zealand’s Dazzle apples are fresh and sweet in the market. Under the cooperation between Joy Wing Mau and the New Zealand Dazzle Apple Alliance, Dazzle apples landed in the Chinese market for the first time last year and performed well in the first-tier market. This year, the volume of apples supplied to China is expected to increase by more than 50%, which is intended to further expand into new first-tier and second-tier markets. On June 14, Joy Wing Mau joined hands with the New Zealand Dazzle Apple Alliance to hold a grand launching conference in Chengdu, Sichuan, to boost Dazzle apple sales in the new fruit season.

Joy Wing Mau pushes New Zealand’s Dazzle apples to deepen the Chinese market​

Dazzle apples have not been in the Chinese market for long but because they are bright red in color, sweet, crisp and juicy, they have become a well-deserved “new star” among imported apples, and quickly captured many Chinese consumers. This variety is specially developed for the Asian market, especially for Chinese consumers. It has been developed by the New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research jointly funded by the New Zealand government for 20 years.

Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand is one of the representative producing areas of New Zealand apples. It has a pleasant island climate, fertile soil, full of sunshine, clean and pollution-free air and water sources. Currently, New Zealand Dazzle apples are jointly supplied by 7 New Zealand-grown exporters that have been strictly selected, all of which have passed the global high standards of food safety and traceability certification; these exporters are Mr Apple, Bostock, Freshmax, PickMee, RD8, Taylor and Golden Bay.

Dazzle apples are both top-notch in appearance and taste

Last year, New Zealand’s Dazzle apple officially achieved commercial mass production. It was introduced into the Chinese market for the first time by Joy Wing Mau and New Zealand’s Dazzle Apple Alliance. The main supply period is from April to September every year, and it has achieved great success in the first-tier market.

Andrew White, President of New Zealand Trade and Development in China, commented: “It is exciting that Dazzle apples have joined the high-end New Zealand apple series sold in China, and I look forward to the continued introduction of high-quality apples from New Zealand to China. (Above: Display image in Dazzle Store, New Zealand)

This year, the cooperation between Joy Wing Mau and Dazzle has been further upgraded. Compared with the same period last year, the supply of New Zealand Dazzle apples to China is expected to increase by more than 50% to hold up the first-tier market and expand the new first-tier as well as second-tier markets, so that more Chinese consumers can enjoy high-quality, more delicious New Zealand apples. At the same time, Dazzle Apple will better meet customer needs, match product specifications, and customize packaging. It has launched a new package of 4-piece trays, gift boxes, and e-commerce aircraft-use boxes, striving to reduce link costs, and better serve consumers from different channels.

Dazzle apples will better meet customer needs, match product specifications, and customize packaging.

In the context of the normalization of the pandemic, Joy Wing Mau adjusted its operation strategy in time to better cope with changes and uncertainties. In the future, it will join hands with more world-renowned fruit companies to link global core fruit resources, provide omnichannel professional services, and continue to practice the mission of “fruits make life healthier”.


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