The Thai, liquid nitrogen, tree-ripe durian – the Zhou Durian – is now on the market. On August 19, the Zhou Durian Listing Conference 2022 was launched in Jiaxing and Shanghai, and Joy Wing Mau Fruit Industry Technology Group, a leading enterprise in China’s fruit and vegetable industry, joined hands with two major partners of Jiaxing Haiguangxing Market and Shanghai Huizhan Fruit and Vegetable Market to bring the Thai Zhou Durian freshly to the market this season, starting the sales of Zhou Durian in China.

The Zhou Durian is the largest Thai liquid nitrogen frozen durian brand in China, and the supply period is from June to April of the following year. Zhou Durian is produced in Rayong Province, the core production area of durian in Thailand.

In order to ensure the fresh quality of the tree-rip durian, Zhou Durian invested in the full cold chain liquid nitrogen technology and set up its own first liquid nitrogen tree-ripe durian factory in Thailand to ensure that the fruit is ripened on the tree, without being sprayed with pesticides and without artificial ripening.

Each Zhou Durian has more than 80% of the pure ripe taste. Within 1 hour after picking, it is sent into the -198 degree liquid nitrogen warehouse to be frozen rapidly. Using -18 degree cold chain transportation and storage to maximize the retention of the rich and delicious flavor in the natural ripening durian, the fruit is freshly shipped to China.

Zhou Durian

The 2022 season of fresh durian launched
Joy Wing Mau is an important strategic partner of Zhou Durian in the Chinese market. In the past year’s cooperation, the two sides have jointly introduced Zhou Durian to China and established a good market acceptance. It is the third year of Zhou Durian’s listing this year, and it is also a key year to expand the Chinese market.

The two sides will further deepen cooperation with a strong omni-channel sales network and professional brand promotion service capabilities, Joy Wing Mau will continue to help Zhou Durian distribute all over the Chinese market in the new season and enhance the brand awareness of Zhou Durian.

Zhou Durian

The first batch of Zhou Durian was warmly welcomed
At the press conference, guests from Jiaxing and Shanghai simultaneously launched the opening ceremony of Zhou Durian, and they started sales with a container truck-full of Zhou Durian. Many customers at the scene started to order. In addition to the sweet and mellow liquid nitrogen frozen Zhou Durian for everyone to taste, a wonderful performance and lucky draw were also prepared. The partners jointly wished for the successful sale of Zhou Durian in 2022 in a joyful atmosphere.

Source: Joy Wing Mau Group

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